Box 1228
563 Mountain View
Weaverville, Ca 96093

The Shelter hours are:
Monday through Thursday--10:00AM to 4:00PM
Friday--10:00AM to 1:00PM

Closed Saturday,Sundays and Holidays

The Trinity County Animal Shelter is committed to serving the public
in the care and well being of animals throughout Trinity County.
The Animal Control Officer is the Field Officer / Shelter Supervisor
and is assisted by one shelter attendant and volunteers.
The shelter costs and employment are funded though the
Trinity County Sheriff's Department.

The Shelter offers such diverse services
as finding homes for adoptable animals,
providing for stray animals, offering assistance
to owners and people who find lost animals.

TASA is a non-profit organization dedicated
to supporting the animal welfare efforts of the shelter.
TASA supports the spay and neuter program as well as
promoting adoptions of pets in Trinity County.
TASA volunteers also assist at the shelter,community education,
and work on fund raising for the shelter.